• Community Events

    The Cornwall Writers' Circle
    4-23-14 7:00 pm - 2 Alices Coffee Lounge
    The Cornwall Writers Circle

    We are a weekly writing critique group for working writers (i.e. you are actively writing some piece of fiction or non-fiction) who want some no-nonsense, focused feedback and a little social connection with other writers. Please bring no more than...

    Survival Game Questionnaire Night.
    4-23-14 7:00 pm
    Hudson Valley Women wine (or whine) meetup

    I will ask the group a list of survival questions with multiple choice answers. Everyone will answer what they actually will do in the situation and at the end, i will let everyone know what's the best answer to survive that situation. It will be...

    thursday nights are back in full swing
    4-24-14 5:30 pm - Sarah Taylor Park
    HudsonValley Coed Soccer


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