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    Breakneck to Beacon full traverse - 7 Miles LATE start :D
    2-28-15 1:00 pm - VA Medical Ctr-Castle Point
    Hudson Valley Hikers

    Full Breakneck to Beacon Traverse MOUNTAINEERING CONDITIONS - this means it's a particularly TOUGH hike given the snow conditions! you will need snowshoes most likely   11:00am - Meet at Mt Beacon Parking Lot (car spot)!   MAP HERE We'll...

    Martha Meets Shakespeare When The Pandorica Opens
    2-28-15 1:00 pm - VA Medical Ctr-Castle Point
    NYC Young Adults' Shakespeare in the 'Part(ment)

    RESCHEDULED TO 2/28 due to low / no attendance "Close up this din of hateful dire decayDecomposition of your witches' plot!You thieve my brains, consider me your toyMy doting doctor tells me I am not! ..Expelliarmus!" Over the past year of...

    Celebrate our Veterans-Christmas in February
    2-28-15 1:00 pm - VA Medical Ctr-Castle Point

                        Let's do it again...in honor and memory of our Veterans                                                       "Christmas in February" Let's join Mr John Flowers, from WHVW950am, for his...

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